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US Military GP Medium Tent (16′ x 32′ Vinyl)

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This General Purpose, or G.P., Medium Tent was designed for the US Army and other military as a multipurpose, weatherproof shelter. They are ideal for rain, high winds, humidity and most other weather conditions. Both sidewalls may be easily rolled up and tied in the upright position for air flow in warmer weather. A liner can purchased separately to increase warmth in winter conditions.

These multipurpose tents can be used for hunting camps, emergency shelters, disaster relief, longterm camping, and more. They are also popular with with war reenactors since the GP medium tent was “designed for use in artillery operations, housing components of a field baker, or quarters for troops. It may also be used as a command post, fire support control center, mess hall, storage, or ward of a field hospital, etc.”

GP Medium Tent Components

  • 2 Doors with screens, one on each end, 4′ w x 6′ h
  • 2 Roll-up sidewalls with screens underneath
  • 2 Ventilators, one at each end at top
  • 2 Stovepipe openings with shields for standard 4″ heater pipe
  • Material: Heavy-duty 12.29 poly duct vinyl
  • Tent pole set

NOTE: GP Medium Tent Liner included.
NSN: 8340-00-482-3963 (Green)

Tent Pole Set Includes

  • 10 side poles (5’8″)
  • 2 door poles (6’2″)
  • 2 center poles (10′3″)

Tent Dimensions

  • Tent Size: 16′ x 32′8″
  • Floor Area: 512 sq. ft.
  • Ridge Height: 10′0″
  • Eave Height: 5′6″
  • Package Size: 33 cu. ft.
  • Weight: 534 lbs (including poles)

Tent Capacity

  • Living Space: Up to 12 people
  • Sleeping Space: 21 people max.

GP Medium Instructions Manual & Tent Setup

We included two videos on how to set up a GP Medium Tent. We hope they are helpful. Just click the ‘Videos’ tab above to view them. Click to view or download the GP Medium Tent Manual & Instructions (including setup).

IMPORTANT: This tent will ship FedEx CWT or freight carrier LTL due to weight restrictions. If you have questions, please call 1-800-653-8528.

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    Gp Medium Tent

    Posted by Jacob on Jun 15th 2023

    For the price I was expecting new and fresh quality and even when I had purchased the "new" tent I guess that meant rather by opinion. Back to price now in comparison to what is out there for the same price range it's an okay deal. The tent had obviously been used many times smelled like mildew was all patched up and repaired in some areas. For the price range this is average and not a complete rip off. The description also said come with tent liner and then did not. But it did come with a tent pole kit which was complete. Also I was expecting maybe a tent from the year 2000 or newer but this thing was maybe from WW2. Well maybe is more of memorabilia than for practical use. But like I said for the price range it's an okay deal in comparison to what else is available today in regards to larger tents. All together once you thought you were outsmarting the government by avoiding a million dollar one bedroom house now they try racking up tents to the point you maybe take a huge loan out. Well I would say overall a little disappointed about this purchase but I don't regret it and I still like and use this tent